Trowbridge Future staff become qualified Mental Health First Aiders

Last week the Trowbridge Future staff became qualified Mental Health First Aiders.

By qualifying we have now joined a community of over half a million people in England and over three million people worldwide who are trained in mental health first aid skills and help to find others the support they need.  Having a community like this means that it will help to achieve the MHFA vision of a society where mental health is accepted as a normal part of life and where everyone has the skills to look after their own and other people’s wellbeing.

The online Mental Health First Aid course is interactive, delivered through slides, video clips, activities, discussion and case studies, which we explored through individual learning activities and a series of live sessions.

There is also an online learning Hub where you are able to complete the individual learning activities, chat with other course participants, join live events and contact your course instructor.

Interested?  Find out more here.

Author: Trowbridge Future admin