Trowbridge Service Users Group are coming back

Trowbridge Service Users Group ( are coming back ok not sure just when, but they are going to need your help…

Becoming an unincorporated group in January 2020, they have been open for over 2 years providing mental health support and friendship in Trowbridge. They have been working from Tesco Community Room providing activities and fun afternoons, while on Thursdays have an art session in the Town Hall.

The Group has over 25 current members and the current space which have been provide for free will not be suitable to maintain social distancing and safety. So they are looking for temporary space for 6 months.

They will need around £3000 to cover the cost of space and provide PPE to all where needed. As we don’t have any funding or money, we are now doing our best to raise the funds so we can be back up and in place, to support those with mental illness in Trowbridge.

You can help us by donating via the donate button on their website or via our their Go Fund me page

Trowbridge will need this service as it free and self-referral they will one of the speediest service to access. The Service Is Peer lead and run and uses lived experience to help members realise they are not alone and it normal to have a mental illness. The Service provide are not therapy but are therapeutic they have no goal but to give a person space to rebuild the life through social engagement.

Current members are being supported online via a private group page on Facebook.

About Trowbridge Service Users Group

Set up in February 2018 to fill a gap in mental health support, a service that was based on building social interaction and confidence. We sat under NSH liability insurance which gave us the freedom to run the group from Tesco Community Room which was provided for free.

At the end of 2019 we where told that we could no longer use the NHS insurance, this was going to force the group to close as we had no funding no support. After lot of discussion it was put to the group the options that where available. And the group wanted to keep the group dynamic and choose to set up as a unincorporated group.

So with a mad rush for Trustee and setting up back account in January 2020 we became a official group. We opened up in Westbury and we had started our art sessions at the Town Hall and we where moving forward to look for funding and grants.

The Covid 19 hit and things have been on hold as everything has been shut, so while funding bids are being written we need so funding for extra space to get us back up and providing Trowbridge with a free mental health support. For more information



Author: Trowbridge Future admin