Past Success’

TCAF has a track record of successful projects; some that are community led through volunteers, and others projects that are project led through partnerships; Wiltshire Police, Collaborative School, Big Community Grow, Dorothy House Hospice, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Trowbridge Town Council and Wiltshire Council.

TCAF works with a range of people from across the community and can identify the main beneficiaries as:

Supporting Business Improvement in Trowbridge Town Centre; benchmarking for Active Market Towns; in its 3rd year, consulting 214 members of the public and 74 businesses.

Low income groups; for example supporting a network of residential and neighbourhood groups that meet regularly to discuss and share best practice to engage residents and improve opportunities for new experiences and life skills.

New migrants; TCAF have recently updated and published a Wiltshire bi-lingual Guide for Migrant Workers and produced a three minute You Tube video explaining the resource. TCAF have worked collaboratively with local schools and groups to offer a volunteer translation service to pupils and families.

Older people; encouraged local shops to work together to offer support for vulnerable individuals that may have been affected by crime or simply unsure of their surroundings.

TCAF is widely supported by volunteers. TCAF offers the volunteers new opportunities. The volunteers themselves make up the groups that initiate change and development in their community.

Examples of activities include:

  • TCAF is a member of Transforming Trowbridge and the, the main aims to achieve a Business Improvement District (BID) for Trowbridge and to market the town to secure inward investment.
  • Leading the Shadow Campus Operational Board and the development of a public health facility as identified through public consultations.
  • TCAF offers support to statutory bodies and groups in consultations with the public to inform new projects and bids. Perception of Crime, Benchmarking for Active Market Town, Youth and Trowbridge museum.
  • Developing a unique centre for culture and arts. TCAF was instrumental in securing a significant grant from the Arts Council for Trowbridge Arts Project. Trowbridge Arts is currently self -sufficient.
  • Arrange courses, for example, First Aid and Hygiene, for individuals and help groups to operate legally.
  • TCAF was instrumental in creating, developing and supporting Friends of Biss Meadows. This group is now self-sufficient and successful in developing wetland area which is a triumph for Trowbridge.
  • Advice and help with community asset transfers.
  • Encourage local parishes to work together and to have a stronger voice in the community.