We have a vacancy for a Youth Support Worker

Job Title:    Youth Support Worker

Department:    Trowbridge Future – Youth

Salary:  £9.50 per hour

Hours of work:   3 – 15 hours per week (several positions available). Must be able to work evenings. Additional hours available over the Summer holidays.

Responsible to:  Youth Manager

The main purpose of the role is to:

To work with Trowbridge Future and other agencies to develop and deliver youth provision in Longfield, Seymour and Studley Green.

This involves:

Seeking an experienced sessional youth workers for Trowbridge Future as part of an exciting, growing organisation with the opportunity to share your interests or skills.


Plan and deliver youth provision and activities in Trowbridge throughout the year.

Work with clubs and other community groups to support young people to engage in their community.

 Carry out detached work throughout the town, identifying concerns and hopes of young people; provide regular verbal reports to the Trowbridge Future Youth Manager.

Be a positive role model, creating a positive and fun environment in which to motivate and encourage young people to participate.

Maintain current knowledge of relevant youth programmes, policies, and practices.

Develop and maintain effective working relationships with all partners and community organisations.

Assist in promoting and organising community projects for young people and offer support to events and activities.

Communicate all town events and encourage young people’s participation.

Undertake administrative duties as necessary, e.g, maintain accurate attendance registers, carry out risk assessments, session plans, session evaluations

Ensure appropriate cleaning of venues is undertaken after sessions, complying with COVID regulations.

Assist in maintaining equipment and resources held by Trowbridge Future to allow staff to complete their tasks to the highest standard.

Abide by and follow safeguarding guidelines laid out by Trowbridge Future and/or those clubs where activities are provided, reporting any concerns within the outlined timescales.

Act responsibly in managing your own health and safety and that of anyone else who may be affected by your actions/omissions, ensuring to report any maintenance/H&S issues as they arise.

Work in a confidential and professional manner and uphold the good reputation of Trowbridge Future in doing this you should abide by Trowbridge Future policies and procedures.

Effectively promote youth provision to all young people irrespective of gender, race sexuality and disability.


The post holder will be expected to:

attend additional training and development courses, usually at weekends/evenings, identified as a requirement for furtherance of the position or the post holder’s personal development.

deliver youth work sessions which will fall at evenings or weekends.

develop and record sessions using Groop, online recording system.

provide ongoing evaluation support.

undertake any other duties which it would be reasonable for the Trowbridge Future to ask as part of the role.


Qualifications & Training


Basic education qualifications

Experience, work, or volunteer, with young people

Youth focused qualifications

Good level of ICT literacy with

Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and database packages

Full driving licence and ability to drive


Food hygiene qualifications

First Aid qualification

NVQ Level 3 in Youth Work



Delivering and coordinating youth projects and programmes for young people  


Delivering youth provision in a wide range of environments, including schools, clubs, and the community area

Mentoring, supporting, and encouraging youth and community support workers and volunteers

Working with voluntary and statutory community groups

Monitoring and evaluation of sessions/ programmes

Knowledge & Understanding      


Good understanding of child protection, equality, and safeguarding procedures

 Development and implementation of high quality and creative sessions (focusing on a young-person centred approach)

Commitment to equal opportunities and Government safeguarding document: working together to safeguard children and young people

An understanding of the NYA’s Ethical Conduct in Youth Work and Guide to Youth Work in England document.


Relevant knowledge and experience of youth development    

Skills & Aptitude


Strong commitment to young people and an understanding of the factors affecting their lives

Ability to provide reliable support to young people in times of stress and act with integrity

Good organisational skills

An accepting and non-authoritarian approach

Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish good relationships with young people.

Patience tolerance and flexibility

A sense of adventure and a willingness to try new things

Formal communication skills for presentations, report writing and funding applications

Ability to treat young people’s concerns with respect, tact, and sensitivity, whilst always being aware of the limits that are required by confidentiality and the necessary boundaries that govern the youth / youth worker relationship

A great deal of resilience    

Ability to work efficiently on own initiative, under pressure whilst maintaining a high standard of work    

For more information on how to apply please email meg@trowbridgefuture.org.uk

Author: Trowbridge Future admin