Youth services

At Trowbridge Future we have recognised that the young people of the town, have been poorly represented following the decline of youth provisions that were originally supported by the county council.  

In 2016, we decided to do something about this, and Trowbridge Future took over a youth group in Studley Green. Over the next few years we have seen this grow and grow, resulting in us running free youth groups and activities in not only the Studley Green area, but Seymour and Longfield too. 

We also have begun to do some outreach work to support the young people that are not comfortable to come into our environment and our youth workers often visit the local skate park and the John of Gaunt school to see if they can support the young people with any issues they may have and to help guide and support as necessary. 

We are mainly project funding led and we rely on donations from businesses and by working alongside other charities in the area and this has allowed us to keep the sessions free for the young people. If you feel that you can help, please feel free to get in touch.

Youth group days and times

Longfield Community Centre

Seymour Road Cabin

Studley Green

Outreach – John of Gaunt School

Stallards Skate Park – Outreach Youth Work