@Stud Youth

The “Stud Youth” youth group meets weekly on Tuesdays 6:30pm till 9:00pm  in The Cabin, Seymour Recreational Ground

Recently Our Mayor visited the youth club and had the following to say:

“Yes, I really enjoyed my visit to Studley Green Youth group, and was really impressed with how the young people all supported each other – you can really see that they care a great deal for the well being of their friends which demonstrates great intelligence and strength of character. All the young people emphasised how much the youth group means to them and how it gives their lives a focus –  I found there young people who clearly have a bright future ahead of them, who display admirable personal qualities nurtured by the Youth group. It was a pleasure to chat with them and I found them very respectful.”

Feedback from some of the Youth who attend:

Me on Monday

Mad, Tired, hungry,

Don’t wont to give up,

Too tired to function,

Sad as no youth club,

Nothing to do

Bored, Un-Active,


Me on Tuesdays  – Club night

Happy, Active, Jolly,

Sociable, Less Mad, Chilling, Seeing friends, Club night and happy to see friends.

‘Happy because there’s something to do in the evening after college.’

‘My friends now come from school too so I see them twice in one day.’